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Christopher Caress

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A truly tantalizing, awe-inspiring, mind-boggling
and thoroughly entertaining evening onboard the
biggest Luxury Cruise Ship in Europe!

Graham Seymour – Royal Caribbean International

Was thrilling from start to
finish, utterly unbelievable what
this genius of a man can do!

HRH Prince Mohammed Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum

Christopher's show was a perfect blend
of humour, professionalism and sheer
comedy. He knew just how to
read the audience

Chris Turner – Former Manager SWFC

I am proud to represent Derren Brown and Christopher Caress as they are the leading exponents in their fields - both offering a live, theatrical experiance unmatched by other performers.

Michael Vine – Michael Vine Associates

Was enthralled the whole
time he was on stage, can’t
recommend his show highly
enough. Christopher is
the mind magician!

Alan Cooper Jones – Group Communications & Marketing Manager Virgin Media

No one comes close to what Christopher
Caress can do on stage! Chris lived up
to all expectations, he leaves you
amazed, really don't know how he does it?

Linda Lusardi – Model/Actress

Great live experience, absolutely loved
all aspects of the show, I think Chris
hypnotized me to say this!

Mick Miller – Comedian & Living Legend


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