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Inside the mind of world renowned

Hypnotist Christopher Caress

Christopher Caress

An Introduction


At the very early age of 12 Christopher had a lifelong fascination with hypnotism. Having watched a touring stage hypnotist perform at a local venue in Christopher’s hometown, Christopher was intrigued by this mind-controlled spectacle and became hooked! When Christopher turned 14 he began reading and collecting a variety of books, audiotapes and video recordings on anything & everything relating to hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. In his late teens Christopher was already able to place willing volunteers into a trance state, often leaving them stuck to a telephone box; unable to remember the number seven or even imagining they had won a million pounds on a scratch lottery card, before bringing them back to reality! Christopher was performing and touring to sell out theatres and venues around the United Kingdom in the mid 90’s. Christopher dedicated himself to the study of hypnotherapy and became a member of the British Hypnotherapy Association where he developed the experience to help thousands of people worldwide overcome behavioral problems, overcome bereavment, flight fears, beat insomnia, stop smoking and even lose weight.

Towards the end of the 1990’s Christopher focused more on the stage side of hypnosis and his passion for entertaining large audiences quickly out-paced his clinical side of hypnosis. Christopher eventually travelled to the US where he trained at the Los Angeles Institute of Hypnotherapy under the careful guidance of Master Hypnotist Gill Boyne and Ormand McGill, before returning home to the United Kingdom with a more advanced background in hypnosis and a highly developed sense of humour, which he puts into a presentation that’s truly mind-blowing!

While he may be a top-notch hypnotic showman, Caress is a fast-thinking comedian who milks humour out of every situation that arises onstage. He works the hypnotised volunteers like an orchestra conductor, creating a symphony of humor out of diversified routines he creates for his individuals on stage. Caress challenges audiences worldwide to open their imaginations’ and regardless of whether or not you chose to be a spectator or experience hypnosis first hand on stage, Christopher’s show is one of the most mesmerizing night’s of hypnotic hysteria that you will ever witness!

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