How many times have you gone to bed tired, desperate for a good nights sleep, then struggled to get to sleep, or after only a few hours of sleep, you awaken, thinking it's morning and realise to your dismay, that you have only been asleep a few hours.

The more you try to sleep, or get back to sleep after wakening, the more impossible it seems to achieve this; the more anxious you become, the more awake you become, and so the cycle or frustration anxiety and tiredness continues.

This can make you feel tired and irritable later in the day, often around mid afternoon.

Treatment for insomnia using hypnosis can break this cycle, and allow your whole body and mind to experience a truly restful, peaceful good night's sleep.

Using powerful hypnotic suggestions the mind will be instructed to switch off sufficiently to induce a deep sleep in the first instance, and to stay asleep in the second instance, only awakening at the time you have designated as being suitable to end that sleep.