In today’s world, we are often on a fast-paced schedule, our lives are filled with incessant demands and unrelenting stress. The regular practice of guided relaxation & meditation can be a powerful and effective way to relieve stress and take control of your health.

Christopher Caress has created & produced music for meditation and relaxation that will help you ease into a calm oasis of peace. You can also turn meditation into a habit by using this wonderfully calming CD and make it easier for you to incorporate it to your life. Simply listen to anyone of Christopher's eight relaxing soothing tracks with your headphones on and unplug from the rest of the world whenever you want to! When you take the time to relax with Transformations you will be able to move into a place of greater peace, deeper calm and improved health.

Track listing:

1. Oasis of Rest
2. Solar Dance
3. Floating Shadows
4. Tomorrow's Dawn
5. Fountain of Life
6. Eternal Forest
7. Ripples of Light
8. A Journey's End