Harvey's BIG Sleep
The Book That Soothes Your Child To Sleep

For many parents, the word “bedtime” is the starting point for tantrums and a sleepless night for all involved, not the restful experience that they all crave.

Here’s the solution! ‘Harvey's Big Sleep,’ by hypnotist Christopher Caress was created to help stressed-out parents who struggle to get their children to sleep.

This mesmerizing book tells of Harvey the hedgehog who is looking forward to his ‘big sleep.’ He yawns and stretches as he gathers materials to make his nest warm and cosy. Along the way he meets other creatures who also yawn as they head off for their big sleep— until, on the last page, Harvey settles down in his warm cosy nest and falls deeply asleep.

Packed with colourful illustrations, the story invites children to interact with it. There’s a place for them to write their names on the first page and they are invited to invent names for all the animals and write them into the book, so their copy becomes unique and personal to them. It’s like a bedtime story they’ve created with their own imagination!

The mind of a young child is a wonderful resource of imagination. Children have a great thirst for knowledge and enjoy responding to new ideas if they’re presented to them in a way that they can understand. Children love these experiences.

When their very own, personal copy of Harvey’s Big Sleep is read to them, it’s a special time. The book contains instructions for the adult reader on how to interact with the child and how to emphasise the sleep-inducing language— with the result that children of all ages are immersed in a magical, soothing bedtime story that relaxes them in an entirely safe and natural way until they drift off to sleep.

And the technique? Christopher employs a special approach for children. He uses pictures and words to capture children’s imaginations while at the same time using creative visualisation techniques. The expressive language patterns capture the child’s conscious attention and the keywords are varied to keep the child’s interest. So they concentrate as the sleep-inducing hypnotic language is read to them, which helps with the process of soothing and relaxation.

Key words, such as ‘sleepy,’ ‘tired,’ ‘close’ and ‘down,’ together with clever pacing of the story bring relaxation and heavy eyes— until the parent can tip-toe from the room, leaving a peacefully sleeping child tucked up in bed!